Hullabaloo Sponsorship Supports the Queens Galley

When we first decided to offer Hullabaloo sponsorship opportunities, we were just trying to cover operating expenses.  While we knew we didn’t want to profit from organizing Hullabaloo, starting anything from the ground up requires a lot of resources and we wanted to do our vision for Hullabaloo we hoped the community would share our enthusiasm for bringing something cool and unique to Kingston and support us by helping defray our costs. 

But since Hullabaloo is being organized by a team of ambitious (and neurotic!) young entrepreneurs who thrive on a challenge, and since part of our mission is to craft a stronger community, it dawned on us: “Why not put our excess energy to good use and take it one step further?  Let’s try to raise MORE than we need to make Hullabaloo happen and help out those who have bigger challenges than ours—like figuring out where their next meal will come from.

Ulster County’s unemployment rate is higher than most counties in the New York, making it all the more difficult for struggling families and individuals to get the nutritious meals they need.  We all need to eat multiple times a day, but for some in our own community getting even one decent meal is a challenge. 

So we've decided to ramp up our sponsorship drive and donate any extra funds we collect to the Queens Galley Food Pantry, an amazing organization dedicated to serving nutritious meals and providing quality food to local people in need.  The sponsorship funds needed to cover our operating expenses will still help the Queens Galley—we will also be collecting donations at Hudson Valley Hullabaloo on December 7th as well, so by helping us make Hullabaloo happen, you’re helping us put together a sizable event where we can collect additional donations for the food pantry from attendees.  Please help us craft a stronger community!

Thanks for supporting Hullabaloo and the Queens Galley!