Inspiring Future Makers at Livingston Street’s Kids’ Craft Table!

Three words you won’t hear at Hullabaloo: “Mom, I’m borrreeedddd…”  Meltdowns at the mall?  Kids stay happy at Hullabaloo!

Thanks to Cheryl Demuth of Livingston Street Early Childhood Community, who is running Hullabaloo’s kids’ craft table, the whole family will be entertained and engaged while you shop, munch, and play at Hullabaloo!

Cheryl is the director of the Livingston Street Early Childhood Community in Kingston, a small, non-profit full-day preschool program for 3-5 year-olds.  “At our core, Livingston Street believes that emotional well-being and social competence are nourished in the young child through meaningful relationships with peers, caregivers, and through exposure to the outdoors,” says Cheryl.  Kids who meet Cheryl have made a friend for life—she’s warm, fun, and knows just how to relate to them while providing a nurturing educational experience.  Parents love her too—as one of the testimonials on states “I feel so happy to say that all my child really needs to know she learned at Livingston Street.”

At Hullabaloo, Cheryl will be guiding children from preschool age to twelve years old through a craft project that engages their imagination and encourages their creativity.  The kids will get to bring home their creations and may be inspired to become “makers” themselves.  

Thanks, Cheryl, for inspiring these future artists—Hullabaloo vendors in the making!