See you in the Funny Papers: $1 Portraits by Will Lytle of Thorneater Comics

Ever wonder what you’d look like with antlers? Get a $1 portrait by illustrator Will Lytle of Thorneater Comics at Hullabaloo and you may just find out!

Will is a local illustrator whose work is full of secrets and surprises, mythical magical woodland creatures, and the people who stumble upon them (usually when they’re most in need of guidance). His work is whimsical but hip, delightful and intriguing, insightful and endearing… jeez, we’re sure you’re just going to love it, so check it out already!:

Will is no creepy boardwalk caricaturist, so you won’t even feel awkward sitting there where he draws you…he’s an awesome guy who’s super-friendly and cool, and he can put anyone at ease (plus he works quickly)! For just $1 Will draws you as one of his fantastic characters, adding some enchanted extra accoutrements and special dodads along the way. We’d say you should give yours as a gift to someone special (talk about great gifts on a budget!), but you might not want to part with it.

He also does a weekly comic in The Woodstock Times and The Saugerties Times, and when each series is done, he binds them into books or collects them in limited edition boxed sets.  He’ll also be selling these editions, as well as artwork and merchandise, so keep the portrait for yourself!  

We’re so pumped that Will is participating in Hullabaloo this year, and can’t wait to see how you’ll all look in Will’s world!