Makers spotlight! Elizabeth Grubaugh Creative, Adam Lauricella, Field Apothecary, Exit 343 Design, Rockerbox Spice Co., and Zoo Kids Clothing!

Elizabeth Grubaugh Creative – Elizabeth returns to Hullabaloo with her beautiful collection of handmade gifts featuring prints she has designed in her Newburgh, NY studio.  From pillows and paperweights to silkscreened cards and prints, from coin purses to clothing, her vibrantly chic patterns and prints make great gifts for anyone who appreciates bold-but-sophisticated design!


Adam Lauricella – The multi-talented owner of our sponsor Graceland Tattoo brings his fine and folk art to the arty party! While there are common themes and elements, much of Adam’s fine art illustrations and paintings are looser than the traditional style tattoos he inks on his clients.  Those familiar with his work will notice that his appreciation of religious iconography, symbolism, juxtaposition, and repetition carry through, however. His paintings and drawings tell stories and communicate his interpretations of ideas and concepts that speak to him. Check them out at Hullabaloo and give someone on your list the gift of original art!

Field Apothecary – Talk about made-from-scratch!: Field Apothecary grows their organic herbs on their own farm in Germantown, NY, harvests and processes them by hand, and creates tinctures, extracts, bitters, tonics, syrups, oils, salves, salts, teas, soda kits, and other herbal remedies and culinary treats.  They have been featured in numerous local and not-so-local publications, teach classes and workshops, and offer an herbal CSA! Give the gift of wellness from returning Hullabaloo vendor Field Apothecary this holiday season and support a business whose products are local from start to finish!  

Exit 343 Design - Stephanie joins us for her first Hullabaloo all the way from Philadelphia! This one-woman-show prints all her silkscreened prints, cards, plushies, t-shirts, totebags, illustrated magnets, buttons, and more by hand. Many feature song-lyrics and other bits of pop culture and she typically does short runs of limited editions, so if you see something you like, buy it! Know someone who was “hip before it was hipster”? She’s got a t-shirt for them!

Rockerbox Spice Co. - Rama comes from a long line of garlic growers, which has given her not only an appreciation for the stinking rose, but also access to great, locally-grown garlic! She’s turned a family tradition into an innovative business of her own, creating garlic and onion powders (including mixes like Italian, BBQ rubs, the Fiesta Mix, and Sweet Corn Rub) by dehydrating and grinding the bulbs herself.  She’s been featured in The Food Lover’s Guide to the Hudson Valley, The Daily Meal, Hand-Picked Nation, and more. Rama is based in Millbrook, and this is her first Hullabaloo! Pick some of her powders up at Hullabaloo to make your Thanksgiving meal a bit more memorable!

Zoo Kids Clothing - Jessica is bringing her handmade kids’ clothes from Troy for her first Hullabaloo! She’s come a long way since she made her first skirt out of upholstery swatches and glue in second grade, but she still uses found material from thrifting and vintage collection for just the right amount of quirkiness… Her adorably mismatched kids’ shorts, pants, dresses, tops, and accessories are perfect for your little monkeys!