Photography credit:      Bri  Stachowski    for  And North .

Photography credit: Bri Stachowski for And North.

Well-rested and ready to give everyone the proper thanks they deserve…Here it goes:

We had an amazing weekend, and on all accounts, so did everyone else, with many vendors reporting their highest sales EVER happening at Hullabaloo! We had about 1,800 people shop Hullabaloo this weekend—they came from near and far (as far as NJ, CT, Brooklyn, and beyond)… they made the choice to spend their money with our amazing designers, artists, craftspeople, makers, and food purveyors (rather than at the malls or online)…they RAVED about the quality of our vendors, the organization of the event, and the great time they were having. The response from the community and the local and regional media was overwhelming. We are bursting with excitement, appreciation, and love for every single one of you who helped us make this event truly unique, and hugely successful.

Special thanks to:

·       Peter Demuth Photography – Thank you for running the photo booth with both amazing photography skills and tireless enthusiasm. You even got my (Courtney's) Dad to put on a paper crown, hold up a fake bowtie, and act like a goof in public.

·       Anna Rexia and her Winter Spirits –You have NO IDEA what an asset you and your talent were to our event. The costumes were the definition of spectacular and you are an incredible presence both at our event and in the world…<3

·       Tom Delooza’s Wet Plate Photography – Your tintype portraits were one of the most unique aspects of Hullabaloo and we are so honored that you could be a part of it. You “old-schooled” a large chunk of the Hudson Valley population, and your work this weekend totally kicked the 21st Century’s ass.

·       DJ Mr. Chips – Seriously, dude. Best event DJ EVER. You not only found the right balance between making Hullabaloo an awesome party and making conversation/transactions audible, you played a seriously dope mix of music.

·       Will Lytle of Thorneater Comics – What can you even say about Will? This guy must’ve drawn a million amazing $1 portraits this weekend, with a smile on his face and complete disregard for any hand cramps he may have been suffering. One of the warmest, most genuine people around, I think. He and Anna together can rule the world.

·       Nixie Sparrow – We can relate to these two lovely ladies with a new and awesome arts-related business. Their DIY gift wrap table was SO MUCH FUN for kids and adults alike and we appreciate their sponsorship and support SO MUCH. Their DIY space in Beacon? It’s gonna be HUGE! Check it out!

·       Volunteers – We are so fortunate to have amazing families and friends who helped out in ways…I was about to say “big and small,” but that wouldn’t be accurate: Everyone went WAY above and WAY beyond…there were no small favors involved. Whether you put up tables, made decorations, worked the welcome table, or just were patient with us when we may not have been our usual cheerful selves, we could not have done this without you. There are too many people to name here, but they know who they are, and our hearts are full with appreciation. THANK YOU!

·       Sponsors – OMG, how lucky are we? We had the support of the best wine shop (Kingston Wine Co.), the most in-the-know magazine (Chronogram), the most beautiful blog on upstate adventures (And North), Basch & Keegan - Kingston’s Super Lawyers (that’s a thing), the Hudson Valley’s most fabulous DIY space (Nixie Sparrow), the greenest energy people around (Green Mountain Energy), a gallery that put the FINE arty in our party (1 Mile Gallery), brewers of our new favorite local beers (North River Hops and Brewing), the hippest restaurant (Boitson’s), our favorite consultant (Courtney Strong, Inc.), home of the Hudson Valley’s most talented tattoo artists (Graceland Tattoo), and the area’s most awesome radio show (The Heavy Light Show). Thank you thank you thank you for your support and friendship!

·       The Anchor – For hosting our Arty After Party. It was so amazing to spend some extra time hanging out with our vendors and friends, have a beer and enjoy the best burgers in town, while unwinding after a busy first day. Thank you to Brandy and the rest of the folks there for offering us some great specials and a laid back atmosphere!

·       Vendors – What can we say? We’re proud to count all of you not only among our incredibly talented vendors, but also as friends. SO MUCH LOVE. <3

·       Shoppers – A TREMENDOUS thank you to EVERYONE who came from near and far to support local artists, designers, craftspeople, makers, and purveyors. Thank you for your rave reviews, your support, and your enthusiasm. We are overwhelmed.

Keep an eye on the website for news about future events (definitely next year, if not before!) and on our social media for news about Hullabaloo, the Kingston scene, and our vendors.

We can’t wait to Hullabaloo with you AGAIN!


Courtney & Danielle

P.S.- (from Courtney)

On a personal note: When Danielle first started talking about shaking up the Kingston area craft fair scene, I said I wanted to help out and get involved. These talks began at a mixer for a small business group we’d both just joined as new business owners and I thought maybe I’d write a couple of press releases or some website copy. Little did I know just how involved I’d get, or that it would become such a “thing”…I definitely did not anticipate that, of all the cool stuff I’ve worked on, it would become one of the things I’m most proud of. I also didn’t know just how much our fast-growing friendship would come to mean to me. I’m lucky to call her (and her super-cool husband Joe!) one of my very best friends, as well as my partner in this crazy thing we’re doing…