More Ham, Less Cheese: Peter Demuth Photography’s Photo Booth is Back!

Cancel that pre-holiday portrait studio appointment!

Will your friends and family really believe everyone is so well-behaved and put-together? You don’t even look like you’re having fun, despite Santa’s Workshop in the background!

We’re pleased to announce that Peter Demuth Photography will be back at Hullabaloo with his photo booth! Peter’s playful personality and positive energy brings out the best in his subjects, which—with a little help from fun props and an awesome backdrop—provides families, couples, groups of friends, and even the occasional set of strangers with unforgettable photos.  After the event, you’ll be able to view them online for free, order the print resolution files, or purchase prints and/or holiday card packages at amazing prices.  Or not. Just hamming it up for fun is cool too!

Peter is an award-winning, Kingston-based wedding and photo booth photographer, who also brings his skills (and his photo booth) to other area events. He’s also a renowned portrait and commercial photograph whose photos have been published internationally. He serves as Technical Director of Photography and Graphic Design Programs at SUNY New Paltz.  But most of all, he’s just a really fun guy.

Whether you’re all wearing elf ears and clubbing each other with candy canes, or you choose a more traditional pose, Peter’s photos capture a certain authenticity that most photographers miss. Hullabaloo is a pretty fun place—so harness that good time and let Peter capture your memories and preserve that awesome family dynamic in photographic form!

Isn’t your cousin (with her perfect children in their perfect matching outfits) going to be secretly jealous when she sees YOUR family having so much fun together? Won’t your co-workers regret the time they spent yelling at their kids NOT to do bunny ears behind their siblings? Isn’t your frenemy going to wish HER boyfriend loved her enough to wear matching Rudolph noses?

There’s a SUPER RAD photo backdrop in the works this year too…We can’t tell you about it yet, but we’re pretty positive it’s a lot less cheesy than anything you’d find at those department store studios!  

See you at Hullabaloo!