Ida Hakkila

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Stop, Drop, and Listen: A Shout-Out to The Heavy Light Show!

What do you get when you cross Blackalicious, Astronauts, Etc., Joe Jackson, Deerhunter, Dusty Springfield, Black Sabbath, the B-52s, English Beat, James Brown, and a whole lot of other amazing-but-seemingly-random stuff? The Heavy Light Show at its best!

Not familiar with Ida Hakkila’s radio show? It airs on WDST (Radio Woodstock, 100.1) on Saturday nights from 9 – 11 p.m. and you can also listen live online at or after the fact at And you’re gonna want to REALLY LISTEN. Saturday night is the PERFECT slot for Ida—her enthusiasm about everything she plays and talks about is contagious, making it impossible to be in a bad mood while you’re listening. This is NOT morning-commute-music or rush-hour-music or even background noise. You’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and just listen. And maybe dance a little.

Ida’s had some pretty incredible gigs, including at big stations in NYC and as a musical consultant for David Letterman. And like so many cool people, here she is in the beautiful Hudson Valley! And we’re soooo glad.

Ida plays what she wants—and it’s all over the place—but somehow things just flow. It’s the perfect mix of indie rock, old-school hip hop, punk, soul, classic rock, 80s, brand-spakin’ new albums, and old favorites: Stuff you forgot about and stuff you want to remember.

And Hullabaloo veteran Will Lytle drew her logo, so you know she’s got good taste. Plus she loves Hullabaloo and Hullabaloo loves her, so listen up for shout-outs! (Woohoo! We’re on the radio!)

We want to thank Ida for her support and for livening up our Saturday nights. When you drop that request (yup, she takes those too!) on Facebook or Twitter (@IdaHakkila), tell her Hullabaloo says hey!