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Sponsor Shout-Out: Hullabalooers Can Help Green Mountain Energy’s Numbers Climb

As I write this, Green Mountain Energy’s customers have helped avoid putting 43,370,625,513 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Wait, make that 43,370,634,963…nope, 43,370,641,715. Well, you get the idea. As the ticker on their website shows, each person can make a huge impact. We wonder how many of those pounds came from people made the switch to a cleaner energy source at past Hullabaloos….

We’re SO happy that Green Mountain Energy is sponsoring Hullabaloo again this year! They’ve been with us since the beginning, and we’re thrilled that we can help out each other’s causes!

Green Mountain Energy began in Vermont in 1997, with the goal of changing the way power is made, and the mission of making green energy a mainstream choice. Did you know that you have the right to choose your supply of electricity? It’s true: you can ditch “traditional” electricity produced from fossil fuels and choose from cleaner, renewable sources like wind and solar by becoming part of the Green Mountain family. And you can even do so right at Hullabaloo in way less time that it’ll take to decide on which handmade gift to buy for your sister.

Green Mountain partners with local utility companies (yup, Central Hudson) who offer their customers renewable energy options, which makes the switch SUPER easy. You’re still billed through your utility company, but you get good karma from making a small change that, when combined with other like-minded people, adds up to the huge number tallying up on

In addition to various electricity plans, they can help you with residential solar and carbon offset too. They also offer super cool specialty products like efficient light bulbs, water conservation solutions, and power-on-the-go goodies for the green-gadget lover on your list.

Please join us in thanking Green Mountain Energy for their support by keeping that ticker ticking—visit their table at Hullabaloo to be part of the growing number of eco-conscious people making the switch!