Sponsor Shout-Out: Chronogram – the Pulse of the Party!

The November horoscopes in the Chronogram aren’t out yet, but we know what WE’RE predicting: an epic event on November 22nd and 23rd, and a growing friendship between Hullabaloo and returning sponsor Chronogram, based on mutual interests in local art and culture!

Not only are Chronogram’s horoscopes spookily-accurate, Chronogram’s other content is pretty fantastic too. The website and printed magazine are both chock-full of great photos, and their articles on local businesses, people, places, events, issues, and general goings-on keep us informed and in-the-know. They’ve done numerous stories on local artists, craftspeople, and designers and the local makers movement (like this one, which includes Danielle and Hullabaloo: Handmade-on-Hudson) and they’ve had their fingers on the pulse of the local arts scene since only the locals knew how cool it is here.

Have you signed up for their 8-Day Week newsletter yet? Because you should. It’ll keep you in the loop so you don’t miss out on what all the cool kids are doing. And be sure to check the website (www.chronogram.com) regularly for new content and calendar listings. They organize some awesome events of their own too!

Still love a good old-fashioned printed publication? (We do!) Pick up a copy of Chronogram at your favorite local establishment. The covers are gorgeous and you’ll quickly become a collector.

We’re stoked that Chronogram is returning to Hullabaloo this year as a sponsor, and so glad they’ll have a presence at our event. Thanks, Chronogram, for being part of the party!