Sponsor Shout-Out: Hullabaloo and Green Mountain Too!

We like to think of Hullabaloo as a “colorful” event but green might just be our favorite shade…That’s why we’re so glad to have the support of returning sponsor Green Mountain Energy Company!

Did you know that you have the right to choose your supply of electricity? Yup, you can ditch “traditional” electricity produced from fossil fuels and choose from cleaner, renewable sources like wind and solar by becoming part of the Green Mountain family.

Green Mountain Energy was founded to change the way power is made, and their mission is to make green energy a mainstream choice. As the longest-serving renewable energy retailer in the country, they work toward this mission by partnering with local utility companies who want to offer their customers renewable energy options. Since we want to be Hullabalooing on this planet for years to come, we totally dig this idea.

Want to learn more? Check out www.greenmountainenergy.com – or better yet, take a break from your boogying and stop by their table in the sponsor area at Hullabaloo to ask about their new products. You can even sign up to switch on the spot!

Thanks for your support, Green Mountain! We CAN’T WAIT to Hullabaloo with you!