Sponsor Shout-Out: Nixie Sparrow Can Make a Maker Out of You!

Heard at Hullabaloo 2013: “I wish I knew how to make stuff!”

Our makers are an inspiring bunch, and we’re pretty sure that more than one shopper went home last year and picked up their crayons, their knitting needles, or their Bedazzlers (oooo, put that down!).  

We’ve always hoped that our event helps spark creativity in our shoppers and piques the community’s interest in making things…so we’re thrilled to be working with Nixie Sparrow to give our inspired shoppers a creative outlet right at Hullabaloo!

Megan and Sarah, two crafty ladies who love the Hudson Valley, have been on the hunt for the perfect home for their DIY space.  While they searched for their store front, these savvy businesswomen started the Nixie Sparrow DIY/lifestyle blog to build their brand and express their love of the Hudson Valley and all things DIY. Then their patience on the real-estate front paid off—they opened their DIY space this past weekend (Saturday, October 11th) at 291 Main Street in Beacon (inside the Beahive building) with a soft-opening celebration!

Nixie Sparrow offers workshops for adults (complete with adult beverages in many instances) on all sorts of fun and useful skills, projects, and topics. Planned workshops include everything from arts-and-crafts how-to sessions like making driftwood mobiles and stamping tote bags, to skilled instruction on floristry and cookie decorating, from fine arts classes in painting and watercolor, to essential life skills like how-to-hot-shave and home brewing! (Hey, that IS important!) Sarah and Megan invite guest instructors in various fields to teach on their areas of expertise, and also teach some classes themselves. Their vast offering of workshops offers something for everyone, so even the “unartistic” can find a creative outlet and come away a proud maker.

Seriously, how awesome is that?

As if it’s not cool enough that Nixie Sparrow is sponsoring Hullabaloo, they’re also going to be offering a free DIY gift wrap-making station to Hullabaloo shoppers feeling moved to make something! How impressed will your friends and family be when you present them with a unique handmade gift from Hullabaloo, wrapped in paper you designed and made? The crafty ladies from Nixie Sparrow will have all sorts of supplies, ideas, and instructions to help you out, and although their classes in Beacon are generally geared towards grown-ups, THIS activity will be kid-friendly too. Stop by Nixie Sparrow's table and get hands-on at Hullabaloo!

Thanks for your support, Nixie Sparrow—and for making makers at Hullabaloo!