Old-School Yourself with Tom DeLooza Photography

It doesn’t get any more handmade than Tom DeLooza’s photography—this dude shoots with CAMERAS HE MADE!

We’re pleased to announce that Tom DeLooza’s Wet-Plate Photography will be offering portrait sessions at Hullabaloo! Not only will Tom shoot your portrait on-site at our event, he’ll also be developing the shots while you wait and sending you home with your tintype portrait the same day…And these are no Sears Portrait Studio sessions: Tom uses an antiquarian process called wet-plate collodion, and the portraits he offers are true works of art. His photographs evoke a disquieting collision of the past and the present: the portraits themselves look antique, harkening back to the Victorian era, but the style and subjects have a decidedly modern edge and sometimes an eerie quirkiness—as Tom describes the installations he often photographs “these…represent a possible future that has passed.”  

Influenced and inspired by all things antiquarian and handmade, Tom’s work grew out of his childhood fascination with building his own toys and a desire to indulge his grown-up “internal mad scientist.” He’s built his own cameras and equipment and mixed his own emulsions, which he uses to shoot and develop portraits as well as still lives and tableaus he sets up. For Tom, the process is as much the reward of his art as the result is. His work has been seen in numerous galleries, displays, and exhibitions. Learn more about Tom and his work at www.tomdelooza.com.

Tom is offering his sessions at Hullabaloo for a reasonable rate—and in the age of Instagram, selfies, and SnapChat, the unique, tangible, heirloom tintype piece he’ll provide you with is priceless. His portraits make one-of-a-kind gifts and are sure conversation pieces when displayed in your home. He invites you to come prepared with costumes, props, and favorite things that you may wish to have in your portrait.  So dress your best and sit for a session with Tom!  We can’t wait to see your old-school self!