Sponsor Shout-Out: Boitson’s Brings “Old Brooklyn” to “New Brooklyn”

Before Williamsburg was hip (when it was actually still kinda sketchy), Maria Philippis rented an apartment from Alexander Boitson…

…Before Kingston was hip (to other people, that is…the locals have always known!), she opened her fantastic restaurant, named in his honor, at 47 North Front Street.

You can read about all the stuff that happened in between, here: http://www.boitsons.com/

The restaurant opened in 2010, to raving reviews and acclaims that Maria’s restaurant had put “a little Brooklyn in Kingston.” Since this was before the whole “Kingston is the next Williamsburg” thing, we think it’s fair to say that Maria saw something in Kingston, and felt, like many of us, that we were on the verge of becoming “cool” to the rest of the world. And with Boitson’s mouth-watering menu, we’re sure she helped the movement along!

Boitson’s menu features sophisticated, modern interpretations of classic comfort food—deviled eggs, fried oysters, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, burgers, and mustard and molasses glazed salmon are just a few of the tempting options—and they use “as much local, organic, farm-raised, wild-caught, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, hand-crafted, artisanal, sustainable, and free-range food products [they] possibly can.” The restaurant’s cocktail menu also represents the connection between where-it-all-started and where-it-all-is with names and ingredients inspired by both Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley. They also have spectacular specials like Monday’s Blue Plate Special, where a TBD entrée is served at the reduced price of $10, a $20 prime rib dinner on Wednesdays, and $12 Fried Chicken Night on Thursdays.

Maria also runs The Inn at Boitson’s—two newly-renovated two bedroom apartments above the restaurant with modern design pieces and decorated with works by local artists—so if you’re looking to make a weekend of Hullabaloo and explore Kingston a bit more, check it out: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/618434.

We’d like to thank Boitson’s for sponsoring Hullabaloo, and we recommend that you head uptown after the event for a drink and a “decent plate of oysters” as Alexander Boitson would say! Enjoy!