Hullaba-Baller: The Winter Bear’s Big Break Leaves Us Bearless

Folks, we have some disappointing news. We’ve just received an email from MC Fresh-n-Frosty, formerly known as The Hullabaloo Winter Bear. It seems that his rap career has really taken off in Europe…Which is great news for him, but bad for us. He’s touring the Alps starting next weekend, and has to leave his beloved Hudson Valley behind, at least for this season. He tells us they’ve set him up with a sweet chalet and he’s writing some ill rhymes as we speak. He’s got an entourage of St. Bernards and a posse full of yodelers. Check it, yo. (Or, should we say “Check it yodel-ay-he-hoo.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Luckily, Anna and the Winter Spirits will be stepping in to fill the void The Winter Bear (ummm, we mean MC Fresh-n-Frosty) has left in our photo booth and in our hearts. We wish him well and hope that he doesn’t forget the little people. Maybe he’ll come back for a hometown tour, kicking off at Hullabaloo 2015?

(That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Only the people who were with our snowy-white friend on Halloween know the truth. Sorry to disappoint you!)