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Pick up or delivery? A Wine Lover’s Dilemma (c/o Hullabaloo Sponsor Kingston Wine Co.!)

Thanks to Kingston Wine Co., you never have to leave the house for wine again…We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let me tell you why you’ll want to anyway…

Stepping into the beautifully designed and well-stocked shop at 65 Broadway in Kingston, one could easily be immediately overwhelmed. But owners Michael and Theresa Drapkin know their stuff and are eager to share their knowledge, recommending the perfect wine for any occasion, offering tastes, and engaging in conversation.  All their wines are carefully chosen based on their philosophies on agriculture, historic normalcy, context, collaboration, and beauty. The shop is available for tastings and private gatherings as well. The space is a beautiful, unique setting for your next intimate event, and as gracious hosts, they really put together memorable evenings.

And wine isn’t the only thing on their radar—a chalkboard wall lists all the local happenings of the week, and Theresa and Michael get involved in lots of local initiatives and projects. Their shop even serves as the meeting place for Sunday Hikes on the Kingston Greenline (return for an apres-hike libation and conversation), and Theresa is one of the organizers of the Kingston Night Market downtown, which takes place on the third Friday each month between May and October.

When Theresa and Michael moved upstate and opened their fabulous shop, we knew they had done so because they loved Kingston…Loving Kingston has become the cool thing to do, but these two know that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. In less than two years, they’ve not only built a successful business, they’ve shown Kingston some serious love—becoming active members of the community and familiar faces in the neighborhood! And the neighborhood (and Hullabaloo!) is happy to have them!

A gorgeous space, well-stocked with wines hand-selected by knowledgeable owners who are warm, friendly, and eager to share their sommelier smarts with you? That experience is what makes it totally worth the trip.

But here’s why you don’t need to venture out in the cold: They even offer a monthly wine share program (YES! Like a CSA for wine!)—complete with wine profiles, stories, and recipes—to help you explore and enjoy new wines. You can purchase the share (for pick up or delivery!) right from the online shop on their website, to make sure you always have wine on hand for those snow-bound winter nights. Our advice? Save the shares for the storm…because you really should stop in as often as you can!

Thanks, Kingston Wine Co., for your support again this year! 

special features

Old-School Instagram: Tom DeLooza’s While-You-Wait Wet-Plate Collodion Portraits

One of our favorite day-after-Hullabaloo activities is searching for the #hvhullabaloo hashtag on social media and seeing our awesome vendors’ and shoppers’ photos from the event. Last year, tons of people were posting photos of their photos by Tom DeLooza—and getting lots of likes and comments! But unlike most in your newsfeed, these pictures are special because of sooooo much more than an Instagram filter...

Inspired by his “internal mad scientist” and a lifelong fascination with building things, Tom takes your portrait WITH CAMERAS HE BUILT, and uses a mid-19th century technique called wet-plate collodion to send you home with a hauntingly beautiful keepsake.  One of the oldest forms of photography, this technique takes its name from the fact that the image plate has to be coated, sensitized, exposed, and developed all while the chemistry is still wet. While this means that Tom is burdened with a lot of equipment, chemicals, and materials, he’s perfectly willing to lug all this around to provide you with a unique souvenir of Hullabaloo (or an amazing gift if you can bear to part with it!) in a matter of minutes.

Tom’s portraits are uncanny—leaving you with a curious feeling that you’re looking at yourself as your own ancestor…Yet, while the portraits look antique, there’s a modern sensibility and a quirky edginess too—past colliding with present in a delightfully confusing way.  His work has been seen in numerous galleries, displays, and exhibitions and he shoots everything from still lives to wedding portraits using this fascinating process; he also does workshops, tutorials, and equipment conversion. Learn more at

We’re psyched to have Tom back at Hullabaloo to offer his tangible, heirloom pieces in this digital age…and at a special rate:  $40 per plate, one plate per session. Want to be photographed with your favorite stuffed animal? Reading your favorite book? Wearing an antelope mask? He encourages you to wear costumes and bring props and favorite treasures, so get creative! He’ll also have gift certificates available (how about a session for your favorite couple!).

They may look like way-latergrams, but these awesome pieces are more timeless than any app. We can’t wait to see yours!

Hullaba-Baller: The Winter Bear’s Big Break Leaves Us Bearless

Folks, we have some disappointing news. We’ve just received an email from MC Fresh-n-Frosty, formerly known as The Hullabaloo Winter Bear. It seems that his rap career has really taken off in Europe…Which is great news for him, but bad for us. He’s touring the Alps starting next weekend, and has to leave his beloved Hudson Valley behind, at least for this season. He tells us they’ve set him up with a sweet chalet and he’s writing some ill rhymes as we speak. He’s got an entourage of St. Bernards and a posse full of yodelers. Check it, yo. (Or, should we say “Check it yodel-ay-he-hoo.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Luckily, Anna and the Winter Spirits will be stepping in to fill the void The Winter Bear (ummm, we mean MC Fresh-n-Frosty) has left in our photo booth and in our hearts. We wish him well and hope that he doesn’t forget the little people. Maybe he’ll come back for a hometown tour, kicking off at Hullabaloo 2015?

(That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Only the people who were with our snowy-white friend on Halloween know the truth. Sorry to disappoint you!)