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2015 Wrap Up: A HUGE Hullabaloo Thank You!

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

We may be better rested than we were two weekends ago, but we’re no less excited! We had an incredible two days, and we’re bursting with so much love and appreciation for everyone who helped make this year’s event such a success.

We’re now in our third year, and growth has been more-than-steady. This year, we added about 15 additional vendors, and shopper attendance was up almost 40% from last year—more than 2,500 people came through our doors this year to shop, hang out, and support local and regional artists, designers, makers, craftspeople, vintage collectors, and artisanal food purveyors!

Shoppers came from near (all over the Hudson Valley) and far (from Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ, CT, RI, PA…), choosing to purchase handcrafted gifts from makers and small businesses, rather than at the malls or from huge online retailers. They RAVED about the talented and diverse collection of vendors and their unique, high-quality offerings. Many vendors reported that their sales at Hullabaloo were record-breaking, many had to skip the after party on Saturday night to make more merchandise for Sunday, and a nearby bank’s ATMs even ran out of cash (coincidence? We think not!). Everything went off without a hitch and the consensus seems to be that everyone—vendors, shoppers, and sponsors—had a terrific time!  The response from the community, our sponsors, and the local, regional, and lifestyle/design media has been overwhelming.

Hullabaloo has quickly become “a thing” that has taken off and surpassed our expectations. We started this to bring something to Kingston that would showcase area makers and introduce the community to the talent in our midst. We wanted to create a hip, festive atmosphere that would encourage connections and commerce, offering a unique experience and an alternative to malls and big box stores.  We’ve felt for a long time that Kingston was on the verge of becoming a hub for culture and the arts and wanted to do our part to nudge it along. We seem to have gotten the timing right, being both propelled by the renaissance our beloved city is experiencing, and doing our small part to help it build momentum.

We’re very proud of what this has become, and know that we couldn’t be on this wild ride without so many people who help make this a success, and a lot of fun.  We are bursting with excitement, appreciation, and love for every single one of you who helped us make this event truly unique, and hugely successful.

Special thanks to:

·       Peter Demuth Photography – Peter and Peg ran the photo booth with both mad photography skills and tireless enthusiasm, snapping almost 2,000 photos, available on their Facebook. They even rousted a photogenic grizzly bear out of hibernation to loosen up the crowd.

·       Tom Delooza’s Wet Plate Photography – As one of our most unique event features, Tom “old-schooled” a large chunk of the Hudson Valley population. In this age of selfie sticks and cell phone “photography,” we’re so honored to have someone with his talent and thoughtful commitment to a time-honored process be a part of our event.

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

·       DJ Mr. Chips –What DJ does seven hour sets AND manages to keep it fresh and festive all day long?!?!? Mr. Chips not only found the right balance between making Hullabaloo an awesome party and making conversation/transactions audible, he played a seriously rad mix of music, including ridiculously innovative mash-ups, holiday soul, old-school hip-hop, and more! He helped us create the right energy and get people in the holiday spirit without ever once playing anything you’d hear at the mall.

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

·       Volunteers – We are SO LUCKY to have amazing families and friends who helped out in so ways…There were no small favors—Everyone went WAY above and WAY beyond, whether they put up tables, made decorations, worked the welcome table, or just were patient with us when we may have been a bit grumpy and feeling under-the-gun. There are too many people to name here, but they know who they are, and our hearts are full with appreciation. THANK YOU!

·       Sponsors – We’re so lucky to count so many awesome businesses and organizations among our supporters:

o   The Heavy Light Show (BEST. RADIO SHOW. EVER. Seriously, listen in on Saturdays nights from 9:00 till 11:00 on WDST!)

o   Green Mountain Energy (Changing the way power is made.)

o   R&F Handmade Paints (Some seriously cool stuff goes on in their midtown building.)

o   Birch Body Care (home of the walk-in massage!)

o   Chronogram (the voice of Valley since before other places were talking about us)

o   Bike Friendly Kingston (for free bike parking and a group ride during Hullabaloo!)

o   Kingston Land Trust (for the protection and preservation of things and places we love!)

o   Cornell St. Studios (so many great events and activities under one roof!)

o   The Mighty Mite (that health-conscious, in-the-know friend you need)

o   New York States of Mind (a digital magazine and marketplace celebrating this great state)

o   One Mile Gallery (a world class gallery that puts the fine arty in our party!)

o   Kingston Wine Co. (Visit for great recommendations and info on wine CSAs!)

o   Bailey Pottery Equipment (gifts and classes for the potter or ceramicist on your list)

o   Antilogy Design & Screenprinting (for doing a bang-up job of printing the goodie bags!)

o   The Anchor (for the great atmosphere and super specials to unwind at the After Party!)

·       Vendors – We’re proud to count all of you not only among our incredibly talented vendors, but also as friends. SO MUCH LOVE.

·       Shoppers – A TREMENDOUS thank you to EVERYONE who came from near and far to support local artists, designers, craftspeople, makers, and purveyors. Thank you for your rave reviews, your support, and your enthusiasm. We are overwhelmed.

Before you know it, we’ll be planning future events, so keep an eye on our website and social media pages.  Thanks again for a fantastic year! We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith


Vendor Feature: Troy Cloth & Paper, Tidy Thyme, Vernacular Design, and Thorneater Comics

There’s not much these four vendors have in common—besides their sheer awesomeness! We’re so excited to have Troy Cloth & Paper, Thorneater Comics, and Vernacular Design back for this year’s Hullabaloo, and we’re psyched to welcome Tidy Thyme to the event for the first time! Whether you need a kale t-shirt for a veggie-loving friend, want to make cleaning your home a healthier process, need a beautiful cutting board or a gorgeous custom table, or want some reading material to transport you to a mythical, magical forest, Hullabaloo can help you out! See you next weekend! 

Troy Cloth & Paper, Troy, NY

Taylor is the founder and principal artist of Troy Cloth & Paper, a brick and mortar retail store and screen-printing shop in Downtown Troy. They print for a bunch of clients there (you can go watch!), offer workshops (learn to print your own t-shirt!), plus have a great selection of their products in stock.  While many of their signature items express their Troy pride, other greeting cards, art prints, t-shirts, and accessories feature clever quips, witty one-liners, and fun messages.  Got a newly-vegetarian friend? The “#Kaled it!” t-shirt will make them forget bacon for a bit. Besides cards for every occasion, “You’re my favorite person (besides Neil deGrasse Tyson),” “I love you in ways no emoji can express,” and “I’m sorry your team is terrible” are just a few messages worth sending the old fashioned way! Need something cool to hang in the kitchen? They’ve got tons of food-inspired prints! This is Troy Cloth & Paper’s second Hullabaloo, and we’re thrilled to have them…so help us welcome them back! 


Tidy Thyme, Altamont, NY

Did you know that many of the products marketed as “green” are still full of super-scary junk? After losing someone special to cancer, Michelle, who has her own cleaning business, started doing some research and what she found was alarming. She started Tidy Thyme to make cleaning safer (and, dare we say, more enjoyable) for herself and her clients. Now she not only cleans houses using her own green products (Green Genies), she also offers her line of plant-based cleaning and home products at select markets! Her products are free of ammonia, chlorine, dyes, synthetic fragrances, animal testing, animal products/by-products, and a bunch of other chemicals I couldn’t spell, which are frequently used in common household products.  Got an oven that needs more than just elbow grease before the turkey goes in? Try Tidy Thyme’s scrubbing powder! Need to wipe away the dust before the holiday guests arrive? Try her dusting spray! She’s even got a yoga mat cleaner, candles, room and linen sprays, and more! All of them are incredibly effective and smell AMAZING! They’re even packaged so prettily that they make great gifts (have you ever tried wrapping up a bottle of Clorox? Not the same effect)! Know what else she does that’s awesome? Works with a non-profit to provide green cleaning services at no charge to families affected by cancer. Say hello to Michelle at her first Hullabaloo and make cleaning safer for someone on your holiday list!


Vernacular Design, Kingston, NY

Jack grew up in the Hudson Valley and developed a deep appreciation for historic architecture and fine craftsmanship. He went on to study design principles, patterns, and tools, later applying this knowledge to renovate historic homes (think moulding, custom stairs, mantlepieces, and much much more) and design and make custom furniture (everything from custom cabinetry to dining chairs) with expert skills and meticulous attention to detail.  In addition to his furniture and restoration work, Jack makes small pieces and giftable homewares—like beautiful cutting boards, knife blocks, wooden vases, and other home accessories—with the same respect for materials, traditional processes, and timeless design elements. We’ve been eyeing his knife block since the last Hullabaloo! We also hear that Jack is building a dining room table that he may use in his display at Hullabaloo, so if you’re interested in bigger, custom pieces, check out an example in the flesh!  This is Jack’s second Hullabaloo (you may remember him from the Freeman’s article on Hullabaloo in the Preview last year) so stop by and welcome him back!


Thorneater Comics, West Hurley, NY

Seriously, how cool is Will? Remember last year when he did $1 portraits at Hullabaloo? While we hate to disappoint you, we’re going to try to let you down easy…Will is most likely going to be out of the country (because his work is a huge deal in France now!) during Hullabaloo, so no $1 portraits this year (sad face)….However, he’s got a buddy covering his table so that you can get his drawings, books, t-shirts, and other merch at Hullabaloo anyway (we only had to beg a little; luckily, he’s a super nice guy.) If you don’t know Will, he’s a local illustrator whose comics appears weekly in The Woodstock Times and The Saugerties Times.  Then he binds them up (often by hand!) when the series is done, and sells them as books or limited edition boxed sets. He’ll also have his illustrations, t-shirts, and other products, including prints of that amazing map of the Catskills that he did for Almanac recently. His work is eerily charming, full of secrets and surprises, mythical magical woodland creatures, and the people who stumble upon them (usually when they’re most in need of guidance). His work is whimsical but hip, delightful and intriguing, insightful and endearing… We can’t wait to pick out a few more prints for ourselves! This is Will’s second Hullabaloo and we bet you can’t wait to see him again!


Vendor Feature: Lu Mabey Jewelry, Leggett Fine Furniture, Richard A. Smith Photography, and Meerwiibli by Sarah-Maria

You might want to work yourself into your holiday budget—you’ve been super good this year! Don’t say we didn’t give you fair warning, because there are going to be a lot of things at Hullabaloo that you’ll have a hard time leaving behind.  It’s okay to shop for yourself, trust us. And if you just feel too guilty, be sure to make your wish list for your loved ones—Hullabaloo IS a two-day event—they can go back without you!  Meet four vendors whose work you’ll want to bring home for yourself….Stop at their tables and treat yourself! (And of course, their work makes great gifts too!)

Lu Mabey Jewelry, Port Ewen, NY

Lu handcrafts gorgeous jewelry from 18 kt. and 14 kt. yellow gold and sterling silver, using pearls and gemstones as show-stopping focal points. Her work is delicate and simple, yet it has a real presence that won’t go unnoticed…Wear her crystal points post earrings, beautifully set pearl rings, or petite labradorite necklace on sterling chain and just wait for the compliments to start pouring in! Jewelry is always a great gift and Lu’s jewelry has diverse appeal because its timeless elegance makes it easy for anyone to wear any time—from desk to dinner, grocery store to holiday gala. We’re so pleased that Lu is joining us at Hullabaloo for the first time this year! Stop by, say hello, and pick up something for someone’s stocking! 


Leggett Fine Furniture, Woodstock, NY

With contemporary designs informed by his interest in the history of furniture, Mike Leggett uses exquisite materials and great attention to detail to build his furniture and new small offerings in his Woodstock studio. Mike worked in major museums and auction houses and, while his style is distinctly modern with clean, elegant lines, his appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and historical design elements is apparent in the quality and detail of his work. At his first Hullabaloo, he’ll be offering his new line of small furniture and accessories, like hand-carved bowls, lamps, stools, and small tables. His pieces make great gifts for anyone who appreciates precise craftsmanship and timeless design. Did you sit for a portrait with Tom Delooza? Mike will also have frames that fit Tom Delooza’s wet-plate collodion portraits, so your portrait gift will make the perfect presentation! 


Richard A. Smith Photography

We’re thrilled to have Richard A. Smith and his beautiful, engaging photos with us at Hullabaloo for the first time! Richard has been a professional photographer for twenty years, and has been fortunate enough to travel the world taking pictures and exhibiting his work in the US and abroad. He’s lived in London and New York, but after 15 years of city living he’s enjoying being a Hudson Valley resident, finding that our beautiful region is a constant source of inspiration and transformation. His move here provided a welcomed opportunity to return to landscape photography, and his current work focuses on the materials of the landscape and the people that live and work with them, showcasing the sublime (incredible vistas and nature shots that you just want to step into) and the incongruous (a torch-like shot of flame interrupting an otherwise peaceful brilliant blue sky). We’re lucky to call this majestic region home, but sometimes we need a photographer’s eye to capture the awe of what’s around us! Who wouldn’t appreciate a glimpse of that vision this holiday season?


Meerwiibli by Sarah-Maria, Kingston, NY

Created from her own designs and hand-sewn with great attention to detail, Sarah-Maria’s clothing and accessories feature colorful prints, touchable textures, and unique, exquisite details. Her eclectic pieces are truly special—when you buy one of her creations, you can be sure you won’t have a twinsy at the office! Each design is playful yet classy—often inspired by vintage cuts and prints, which she redesigns with a modern edginess.  All her pieces are flattering and comfortable, making them easy to wear too! Meerwiibli was with us for our first Hullabaloo in 2013, and we missed her last year! We’re so glad she’ll be back with all her stylish, flawlessly crafted clothing this year! Unlike those mall store finds, her pieces make special gift that will be worn for many seasons to come—and you won’t find the recipient under a “Who Wore it Best?” headline either! (Shopping for yourself is totally ok too!)