Vendor Feature: Troy Cloth & Paper, Tidy Thyme, Vernacular Design, and Thorneater Comics

There’s not much these four vendors have in common—besides their sheer awesomeness! We’re so excited to have Troy Cloth & Paper, Thorneater Comics, and Vernacular Design back for this year’s Hullabaloo, and we’re psyched to welcome Tidy Thyme to the event for the first time! Whether you need a kale t-shirt for a veggie-loving friend, want to make cleaning your home a healthier process, need a beautiful cutting board or a gorgeous custom table, or want some reading material to transport you to a mythical, magical forest, Hullabaloo can help you out! See you next weekend! 

Troy Cloth & Paper, Troy, NY

Taylor is the founder and principal artist of Troy Cloth & Paper, a brick and mortar retail store and screen-printing shop in Downtown Troy. They print for a bunch of clients there (you can go watch!), offer workshops (learn to print your own t-shirt!), plus have a great selection of their products in stock.  While many of their signature items express their Troy pride, other greeting cards, art prints, t-shirts, and accessories feature clever quips, witty one-liners, and fun messages.  Got a newly-vegetarian friend? The “#Kaled it!” t-shirt will make them forget bacon for a bit. Besides cards for every occasion, “You’re my favorite person (besides Neil deGrasse Tyson),” “I love you in ways no emoji can express,” and “I’m sorry your team is terrible” are just a few messages worth sending the old fashioned way! Need something cool to hang in the kitchen? They’ve got tons of food-inspired prints! This is Troy Cloth & Paper’s second Hullabaloo, and we’re thrilled to have them…so help us welcome them back! 


Tidy Thyme, Altamont, NY

Did you know that many of the products marketed as “green” are still full of super-scary junk? After losing someone special to cancer, Michelle, who has her own cleaning business, started doing some research and what she found was alarming. She started Tidy Thyme to make cleaning safer (and, dare we say, more enjoyable) for herself and her clients. Now she not only cleans houses using her own green products (Green Genies), she also offers her line of plant-based cleaning and home products at select markets! Her products are free of ammonia, chlorine, dyes, synthetic fragrances, animal testing, animal products/by-products, and a bunch of other chemicals I couldn’t spell, which are frequently used in common household products.  Got an oven that needs more than just elbow grease before the turkey goes in? Try Tidy Thyme’s scrubbing powder! Need to wipe away the dust before the holiday guests arrive? Try her dusting spray! She’s even got a yoga mat cleaner, candles, room and linen sprays, and more! All of them are incredibly effective and smell AMAZING! They’re even packaged so prettily that they make great gifts (have you ever tried wrapping up a bottle of Clorox? Not the same effect)! Know what else she does that’s awesome? Works with a non-profit to provide green cleaning services at no charge to families affected by cancer. Say hello to Michelle at her first Hullabaloo and make cleaning safer for someone on your holiday list!


Vernacular Design, Kingston, NY

Jack grew up in the Hudson Valley and developed a deep appreciation for historic architecture and fine craftsmanship. He went on to study design principles, patterns, and tools, later applying this knowledge to renovate historic homes (think moulding, custom stairs, mantlepieces, and much much more) and design and make custom furniture (everything from custom cabinetry to dining chairs) with expert skills and meticulous attention to detail.  In addition to his furniture and restoration work, Jack makes small pieces and giftable homewares—like beautiful cutting boards, knife blocks, wooden vases, and other home accessories—with the same respect for materials, traditional processes, and timeless design elements. We’ve been eyeing his knife block since the last Hullabaloo! We also hear that Jack is building a dining room table that he may use in his display at Hullabaloo, so if you’re interested in bigger, custom pieces, check out an example in the flesh!  This is Jack’s second Hullabaloo (you may remember him from the Freeman’s article on Hullabaloo in the Preview last year) so stop by and welcome him back!


Thorneater Comics, West Hurley, NY

Seriously, how cool is Will? Remember last year when he did $1 portraits at Hullabaloo? While we hate to disappoint you, we’re going to try to let you down easy…Will is most likely going to be out of the country (because his work is a huge deal in France now!) during Hullabaloo, so no $1 portraits this year (sad face)….However, he’s got a buddy covering his table so that you can get his drawings, books, t-shirts, and other merch at Hullabaloo anyway (we only had to beg a little; luckily, he’s a super nice guy.) If you don’t know Will, he’s a local illustrator whose comics appears weekly in The Woodstock Times and The Saugerties Times.  Then he binds them up (often by hand!) when the series is done, and sells them as books or limited edition boxed sets. He’ll also have his illustrations, t-shirts, and other products, including prints of that amazing map of the Catskills that he did for Almanac recently. His work is eerily charming, full of secrets and surprises, mythical magical woodland creatures, and the people who stumble upon them (usually when they’re most in need of guidance). His work is whimsical but hip, delightful and intriguing, insightful and endearing… We can’t wait to pick out a few more prints for ourselves! This is Will’s second Hullabaloo and we bet you can’t wait to see him again!

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Makers Spotlight!: Boneshaker Print Shop, Fruition Chocolate, Pulp Sushi, Tivoli Tile Works, and Vernacular Design.

Boneshaker Print Shop – You wanted one of those old-school uptown Kingston map t-shirts too, didn’t you? Steve’s locally-inspired t-shirts were a huge hit at last year’s Hullabaloo, so visit his table early this year before he sells out!  In addition to his awesome shirts, Boneshaker Print Shop in Kingston designs and screen prints awesome album packages, show posters, and more.  He specializes in custom work, so ask him about getting some swag printed for your business!

Fruition Chocolate – Bryan Graham and his award-winning “bean to bar” chocolate have received accolades in numerous local and national publications, including being named one of the “Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America” by The Dessert Professional. In his workshop in Shokan, he slowly roasts and stone-grinds hand-selected organic, fair trade cocoa beans to create chocolate bars, chocolate coated nuts and dried fruits, brown butter  bourbon caramels, and the incredible dark chocolate coated jalapeno dusted corn nuts. Buy two of whatever you decide to give as gifts—because the first won’t make it home! We’re so excited that Fruition will be returning to Hullabaloo this year!

Pulp Sushi –Marilyn is returning to Hullabaloo with her “haunting handmade” jewelry, inspired by Gothic, Retro, and Victorian styles (“a time machine gone haywire,” she says!). She uses new materials like charms, beads, and pearls, along with found vintage materials, in her modernly nostalgic earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  Her pieces make great gifts and stocking stuffers for anyone who appreciates any of the styles that influence Pulp Sushi’s trendy-but-timeless designs. Marilyn is from Fishkill, NY and is a leader of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team. Stop and say hello!

Tivoli Tile Works Caroline splits her time between Rhinebeck and the west coast of Ireland, and we’re glad she’s in town to join us at Hullabaloo for the first time! Trained in sculpture and painting, Caroline finds pottery to be “the perfect synthesis of her two loves.” She creates fine, collectable hand-thrown pottery and functional art such as bowls, mugs, pitchers, plates, vases, and other pieces that are simultaneously colorful and lively, but seem straight out of quaint country farmhouse.  She also has a gorgeously understated “Snow White” collection and some pieces painted with birds and other designs. Imagine them on your holiday table…totally Instagram-worthy!

Vernacular Design Growing up in the Hudson Valley, Jack developed an appreciation of historic architecture and went on to study historic design principles, patterns, and tools. He applies this knowledge, and the skills he honed renovating his 1790s farmhouse, to build gorgeous custom furniture, and do restoration work. He’s bringing his smaller, giftable pieces—like cutting boards, knife blocks, and other home accessories—to his first Hullabaloo…Pick something up for the gourmet or the home owner who appreciates fine craftsmanship!