Vendor Feature: Lu Mabey Jewelry, Leggett Fine Furniture, Richard A. Smith Photography, and Meerwiibli by Sarah-Maria

You might want to work yourself into your holiday budget—you’ve been super good this year! Don’t say we didn’t give you fair warning, because there are going to be a lot of things at Hullabaloo that you’ll have a hard time leaving behind.  It’s okay to shop for yourself, trust us. And if you just feel too guilty, be sure to make your wish list for your loved ones—Hullabaloo IS a two-day event—they can go back without you!  Meet four vendors whose work you’ll want to bring home for yourself….Stop at their tables and treat yourself! (And of course, their work makes great gifts too!)

Lu Mabey Jewelry, Port Ewen, NY

Lu handcrafts gorgeous jewelry from 18 kt. and 14 kt. yellow gold and sterling silver, using pearls and gemstones as show-stopping focal points. Her work is delicate and simple, yet it has a real presence that won’t go unnoticed…Wear her crystal points post earrings, beautifully set pearl rings, or petite labradorite necklace on sterling chain and just wait for the compliments to start pouring in! Jewelry is always a great gift and Lu’s jewelry has diverse appeal because its timeless elegance makes it easy for anyone to wear any time—from desk to dinner, grocery store to holiday gala. We’re so pleased that Lu is joining us at Hullabaloo for the first time this year! Stop by, say hello, and pick up something for someone’s stocking! 


Leggett Fine Furniture, Woodstock, NY

With contemporary designs informed by his interest in the history of furniture, Mike Leggett uses exquisite materials and great attention to detail to build his furniture and new small offerings in his Woodstock studio. Mike worked in major museums and auction houses and, while his style is distinctly modern with clean, elegant lines, his appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and historical design elements is apparent in the quality and detail of his work. At his first Hullabaloo, he’ll be offering his new line of small furniture and accessories, like hand-carved bowls, lamps, stools, and small tables. His pieces make great gifts for anyone who appreciates precise craftsmanship and timeless design. Did you sit for a portrait with Tom Delooza? Mike will also have frames that fit Tom Delooza’s wet-plate collodion portraits, so your portrait gift will make the perfect presentation! 


Richard A. Smith Photography

We’re thrilled to have Richard A. Smith and his beautiful, engaging photos with us at Hullabaloo for the first time! Richard has been a professional photographer for twenty years, and has been fortunate enough to travel the world taking pictures and exhibiting his work in the US and abroad. He’s lived in London and New York, but after 15 years of city living he’s enjoying being a Hudson Valley resident, finding that our beautiful region is a constant source of inspiration and transformation. His move here provided a welcomed opportunity to return to landscape photography, and his current work focuses on the materials of the landscape and the people that live and work with them, showcasing the sublime (incredible vistas and nature shots that you just want to step into) and the incongruous (a torch-like shot of flame interrupting an otherwise peaceful brilliant blue sky). We’re lucky to call this majestic region home, but sometimes we need a photographer’s eye to capture the awe of what’s around us! Who wouldn’t appreciate a glimpse of that vision this holiday season?


Meerwiibli by Sarah-Maria, Kingston, NY

Created from her own designs and hand-sewn with great attention to detail, Sarah-Maria’s clothing and accessories feature colorful prints, touchable textures, and unique, exquisite details. Her eclectic pieces are truly special—when you buy one of her creations, you can be sure you won’t have a twinsy at the office! Each design is playful yet classy—often inspired by vintage cuts and prints, which she redesigns with a modern edginess.  All her pieces are flattering and comfortable, making them easy to wear too! Meerwiibli was with us for our first Hullabaloo in 2013, and we missed her last year! We’re so glad she’ll be back with all her stylish, flawlessly crafted clothing this year! Unlike those mall store finds, her pieces make special gift that will be worn for many seasons to come—and you won’t find the recipient under a “Who Wore it Best?” headline either! (Shopping for yourself is totally ok too!)

special features

Old-School Instagram: Tom DeLooza’s While-You-Wait Wet-Plate Collodion Portraits

One of our favorite day-after-Hullabaloo activities is searching for the #hvhullabaloo hashtag on social media and seeing our awesome vendors’ and shoppers’ photos from the event. Last year, tons of people were posting photos of their photos by Tom DeLooza—and getting lots of likes and comments! But unlike most in your newsfeed, these pictures are special because of sooooo much more than an Instagram filter...

Inspired by his “internal mad scientist” and a lifelong fascination with building things, Tom takes your portrait WITH CAMERAS HE BUILT, and uses a mid-19th century technique called wet-plate collodion to send you home with a hauntingly beautiful keepsake.  One of the oldest forms of photography, this technique takes its name from the fact that the image plate has to be coated, sensitized, exposed, and developed all while the chemistry is still wet. While this means that Tom is burdened with a lot of equipment, chemicals, and materials, he’s perfectly willing to lug all this around to provide you with a unique souvenir of Hullabaloo (or an amazing gift if you can bear to part with it!) in a matter of minutes.

Tom’s portraits are uncanny—leaving you with a curious feeling that you’re looking at yourself as your own ancestor…Yet, while the portraits look antique, there’s a modern sensibility and a quirky edginess too—past colliding with present in a delightfully confusing way.  His work has been seen in numerous galleries, displays, and exhibitions and he shoots everything from still lives to wedding portraits using this fascinating process; he also does workshops, tutorials, and equipment conversion. Learn more at

We’re psyched to have Tom back at Hullabaloo to offer his tangible, heirloom pieces in this digital age…and at a special rate:  $40 per plate, one plate per session. Want to be photographed with your favorite stuffed animal? Reading your favorite book? Wearing an antelope mask? He encourages you to wear costumes and bring props and favorite treasures, so get creative! He’ll also have gift certificates available (how about a session for your favorite couple!).

They may look like way-latergrams, but these awesome pieces are more timeless than any app. We can’t wait to see yours!