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The 6th Annual Hudson Valley Hullabaloo Holiday Market!

We are so excited! Next weekend 75 amazing small businesses that make and design their wares will take Kingston by storm in Kingston’s largest holiday shopping party event! Join us, start your holiday shopping, boogie to the musical stylings of DJ Mr. Chips, eat some good food for lunch, and hop into one of the many photo booths/hand drawn portrait situations! We’d like to thank our sponsors for helping to make it happen!


Event, Music, Party, Sponsor shout-out

2015 Wrap Up: A HUGE Hullabaloo Thank You!

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

We may be better rested than we were two weekends ago, but we’re no less excited! We had an incredible two days, and we’re bursting with so much love and appreciation for everyone who helped make this year’s event such a success.

We’re now in our third year, and growth has been more-than-steady. This year, we added about 15 additional vendors, and shopper attendance was up almost 40% from last year—more than 2,500 people came through our doors this year to shop, hang out, and support local and regional artists, designers, makers, craftspeople, vintage collectors, and artisanal food purveyors!

Shoppers came from near (all over the Hudson Valley) and far (from Manhattan, Brooklyn, NJ, CT, RI, PA…), choosing to purchase handcrafted gifts from makers and small businesses, rather than at the malls or from huge online retailers. They RAVED about the talented and diverse collection of vendors and their unique, high-quality offerings. Many vendors reported that their sales at Hullabaloo were record-breaking, many had to skip the after party on Saturday night to make more merchandise for Sunday, and a nearby bank’s ATMs even ran out of cash (coincidence? We think not!). Everything went off without a hitch and the consensus seems to be that everyone—vendors, shoppers, and sponsors—had a terrific time!  The response from the community, our sponsors, and the local, regional, and lifestyle/design media has been overwhelming.

Hullabaloo has quickly become “a thing” that has taken off and surpassed our expectations. We started this to bring something to Kingston that would showcase area makers and introduce the community to the talent in our midst. We wanted to create a hip, festive atmosphere that would encourage connections and commerce, offering a unique experience and an alternative to malls and big box stores.  We’ve felt for a long time that Kingston was on the verge of becoming a hub for culture and the arts and wanted to do our part to nudge it along. We seem to have gotten the timing right, being both propelled by the renaissance our beloved city is experiencing, and doing our small part to help it build momentum.

We’re very proud of what this has become, and know that we couldn’t be on this wild ride without so many people who help make this a success, and a lot of fun.  We are bursting with excitement, appreciation, and love for every single one of you who helped us make this event truly unique, and hugely successful.

Special thanks to:

·       Peter Demuth Photography – Peter and Peg ran the photo booth with both mad photography skills and tireless enthusiasm, snapping almost 2,000 photos, available on their Facebook. They even rousted a photogenic grizzly bear out of hibernation to loosen up the crowd.

·       Tom Delooza’s Wet Plate Photography – As one of our most unique event features, Tom “old-schooled” a large chunk of the Hudson Valley population. In this age of selfie sticks and cell phone “photography,” we’re so honored to have someone with his talent and thoughtful commitment to a time-honored process be a part of our event.

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

·       DJ Mr. Chips –What DJ does seven hour sets AND manages to keep it fresh and festive all day long?!?!? Mr. Chips not only found the right balance between making Hullabaloo an awesome party and making conversation/transactions audible, he played a seriously rad mix of music, including ridiculously innovative mash-ups, holiday soul, old-school hip-hop, and more! He helped us create the right energy and get people in the holiday spirit without ever once playing anything you’d hear at the mall.

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

·       Volunteers – We are SO LUCKY to have amazing families and friends who helped out in so ways…There were no small favors—Everyone went WAY above and WAY beyond, whether they put up tables, made decorations, worked the welcome table, or just were patient with us when we may have been a bit grumpy and feeling under-the-gun. There are too many people to name here, but they know who they are, and our hearts are full with appreciation. THANK YOU!

·       Sponsors – We’re so lucky to count so many awesome businesses and organizations among our supporters:

o   The Heavy Light Show (BEST. RADIO SHOW. EVER. Seriously, listen in on Saturdays nights from 9:00 till 11:00 on WDST!)

o   Green Mountain Energy (Changing the way power is made.)

o   R&F Handmade Paints (Some seriously cool stuff goes on in their midtown building.)

o   Birch Body Care (home of the walk-in massage!)

o   Chronogram (the voice of Valley since before other places were talking about us)

o   Bike Friendly Kingston (for free bike parking and a group ride during Hullabaloo!)

o   Kingston Land Trust (for the protection and preservation of things and places we love!)

o   Cornell St. Studios (so many great events and activities under one roof!)

o   The Mighty Mite (that health-conscious, in-the-know friend you need)

o   New York States of Mind (a digital magazine and marketplace celebrating this great state)

o   One Mile Gallery (a world class gallery that puts the fine arty in our party!)

o   Kingston Wine Co. (Visit for great recommendations and info on wine CSAs!)

o   Bailey Pottery Equipment (gifts and classes for the potter or ceramicist on your list)

o   Antilogy Design & Screenprinting (for doing a bang-up job of printing the goodie bags!)

o   The Anchor (for the great atmosphere and super specials to unwind at the After Party!)

·       Vendors – We’re proud to count all of you not only among our incredibly talented vendors, but also as friends. SO MUCH LOVE.

·       Shoppers – A TREMENDOUS thank you to EVERYONE who came from near and far to support local artists, designers, craftspeople, makers, and purveyors. Thank you for your rave reviews, your support, and your enthusiasm. We are overwhelmed.

Before you know it, we’ll be planning future events, so keep an eye on our website and social media pages.  Thanks again for a fantastic year! We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Photo by Richard A. Smith

Photo by Richard A. Smith

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DJ Mr. Chips: Adding Funk to the Festivities at Hullabaloo 2015!

It wouldn’t be a party without music and though Danielle is known for her super-fresh playlists, she’ll be busy running the show during Hullabaloo!

With that in mind from the start, we went to our favorite professional: He’s lauded around town as the guy who does the classic hip-hop dance parties at The Anchor and other local watering holes, but you might also know him as Hullabaloo’s official DJ—Andrew Nelson, aka DJ Mr. Chips. We’re pleased to announce that he’ll be back at it, spinning at Hullabaloo as he has since the beginning!

DJ Mr. Chips not only has a talent for creating some pretty sick mash-ups (someone on social media once reminisced about his at-Hullabaloo mash-up of Led Zeppelin with the theme from Star Wars), he’s also got impeccable taste in old school hip-hop, funk, soul, indie rock, and holiday tunes you’re NOT sick of hearing…all of which will come together to form the perfect shopping soundtrack!

But perhaps you haven’t noticed this under-appreciated talent (case in point): He’s also got a knack for keeping the music at juuuussstttt the right level (as in, you’ll want to bust a move, but you’ll be able to talk to the artist about the one-of-a-kind gift you’re buying). What a guy!

We know you’re as psyched about DJ Mr. Chips’ return as we are, so start working on your (family-friendly) requests now…we know Danielle will be!