Sponsor Shout-Out: The Heavy Light Show & Hullabaloo – A Match Made in Heavy Light Heaven

It was a productive Saturday, and I was making some serious headway on Hullabaloo writing projects when the phone rang, startling me out of my zone.

A mysteriously familiar voice: “Hey, this is Ida. I just got your press release about Hullabaloo. I have a radio show called The Heavy Light Show, and this is right up my alley.”


So much for professional. 

I’d sent Ida that press release, secretly hoping she’d like the sounds of Hullabaloo and maybe, just maybe, mention it on the show…because the show is seriously awesome and so is Ida, and, by extension, her listeners. So when she said she was super-psyched about Hullabaloo, I pretty much freaked out and went just a little fangirl. Because when Ida gets psyched about something (a song, a band, a store, a restaurant, a sponsor, whatever) she gets seriously psyched. It’s one of the reasons she’s so fun to listen to—her easy, authentic enthusiasm is contagious.

Long story short, The Heavy Light Show is a sponsor of Hullabaloo!

Ida Hakkila hosts (ummm, hostesses?) the Heavy Light Show every Saturday night from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. on WDST (Radio Woodstock, 100.1). The show, described as “a two-hour non-stop happy fun ride,” is the perfect mix of indie rock, old-school hip hop, punk, soul, classic rock, 80s…Ida’s playlist can jump from James Brown to Future Punks to Devo to Del La Soul to Foxygen and somehow make it seem seamless. And it’s all stuff you don’t hear every day but wish you did. She literally plays what she wants to hear (or what you do, she takes requests!), and she’s got great taste. In previous lives she DJ’d at WNYC 23-3 K-Rock and Q104.3 in New York City, and she has written jokes and been a musical consultant for The Late Show with David Letterman.

Did you miss Saturday’s show? You can listen on-demand, you know. (Pressed for time? First Hullabaloo mention around 50:40.)

So cancel your plans every Saturday night between now and Hullabaloo and tune in—you’ll hear some awesome music AND some Hullabaloo shout-outs too!

And here’s the really cool part (yup, cooler than Hullabaloo on the radio): Ida starts telling me how she just got her logo redesigned, and do I know Will Lytle, who did the illustration? Yup, I said, he’s doing $1 portraits and selling illustrations at Hullabaloo. Coincidence or fate?  Hullabaloo and The Heavy Light Show: It’s a match made in heavy light heaven.

Thanks a bunch for your support, Ida!  We’re psyched that you’re psyched. This is gonna be great!