Sponsor Shout-Out: And North – Beyond the Boroughs

What does “upstate” mean to you? Geography aside, the word “upstate” conjures all sorts of images and ideas, especially if you’re from the city—farm fresh food, Mom & Pop shops, craftspeople, and nature at its best, to name a few…

…But for Emma Tuccillo, the founder of lifestyle/travel blog And North, one might say it means “inspiration.” As she recently told Grace Bonney on After the Jump, she’s not just been inspired by upstate New York herself, she also wants to encourage the creatives of the city to head upstate to be inspired by—and appreciative of—the creatives outside the five boroughs. We think it’s a noble mission!

And North describes itself as “a curated guide to upstate New York for creative individuals.” From inns and restaurants to local artists and purveyors, from scenic bypasses and the area’s most beautiful hiking spots, And North collects the best our great area has to offer on one beautifully written, expertly collected website with a gorgeous aesthetic and perfectly-composed photos, all gathered and communicated from a unique point of view—that of young creatives who discovered the joys of upstate while attending college at SUNY New Paltz. The blog is part travelogue of their adventures and visits—the things they see and do, the food they eat—and part intimate portraits of the people they meet and places they go.

Emma and her team of writers, photographers, designers, and other creative friends celebrate the area they’ve come to love, and seek to connect the creative communities of NYC and those “north.” They’ve featured businesses and people from all over the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks, including some of our favorite places close to home: Market Market in Rosendale, the Esopus Lighthouse, Hullabaloo sponsors Kingston Wine Co., and more!

We’d like to thank And North for sponsoring Hullabaloo, and sharing our mission of telling the world just how fantastic it is up here!

Check out their blog (www.andnorth.com), and their Instagram (http://instagram.com/andnorth), to see where they go and who they’ll feature next!