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Sponsor Shout-Out: New York States of Mind—Connecting, Curating, and Celebrating

Billy Joel may have been in a New York state of mind, but as our sponsor New York States of Mind, recognizes (by adding the appropriate “s”), this can mean so many different things in different parts of this diverse state—each of them as inspiring as the next!

New York States of Mind (www.newyorkstatesofmind.com) is a digital magazine and marketplace that celebrates this great state’s people, places, products, and ideas. You can explore the site by features (brilliantly organized into “Celebrate,” “Curate,” “Decorate,” “Epicurate,” “Recreate,” and “Innovate”) or by region (perfect for planning a weekend road trip or discovering something new in your own backyard), and each article is a revelation of must- see/do/eat/try/meets that the tourism websites don’t tell you about.

Fresh and authentic, NYSOM is true to their goal of using the magazine and marketplace to “highlight and share the stories that fulfill [them], drive [them] to action, and constitute the commonalities and differences—the states of mind that collectively make us who we are and which, in turn make New York a unique conglomerate and arbiter of distinction.” Their content is driven by what compels them, not what gets clicks…and it shows!—Recent articles have covered everything from the most interesting places to study, to “Meet the Maker” features introducing artisanal food purveyors, from stories on food in our local schools, to entrepreneurs bringing innovative businesses to the Empire state, all in a celebratory style not typically found in today’s media. And it’s this quiet enthusiasm and sophisticated New York pride that ties these seemingly random topics together, and, as they describe “celebrates our parallel lives, draw connections in the unlikeliest places, and remove the guess work from your next adventure.”

Now, we know you want to hear about that Marketplace…New York States of Mind promote New York-based brands and believe that “the ideal product is as holistically ‘New York’ as possible: crafted by a New Yorker, made from grown or otherwise made-in-New York materials, and with a New York-focused point of inspiration.” Think Brooklyn-made dog carrier totes, Saratoga-chic handwoven neckties, and chocolate maple drink mixes for that weekend in the ADK’s, as just a few examples. And don’t forget the cool NYS-shaped table! It’s a great place for gifts for yourself and those on your holiday list. Shipping is included on all orders, and you get a 20% discount on your first order when you register!  Are you a vendor based in New York, and you’d like to be considered for the Marketplace? Email marketplace@NewYorkStatesofMind.com, and tell them Hullabaloo sent you! 

We’d like to thank NYSOM—a digital publication that shares so much of our sentiment for this region—for their support of this year’s Hullabaloo! Read the magazine at www.newyorkstatesofmind.com and find them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube—don’t forget the “s”). After reading all those great articles, we’re in a New York state of mind ourselves…road trip, anyone?