Sponsor shout-out

Sponsor Shout-Out: “Walking the Line” with One Mile Gallery

What’s the difference between “art” and “craft”? This question can sometimes puzzle creative individuals—sometimes the line between the two is a fine one. Some sources define “art” as a form of work that expresses emotions or ideas, while “craft” is often defined as a skilled work that involves the application of a technique.  To some, “craft” has taken on a negative connotation, while the word “art” is sometimes misinterpreted as pretentious. Words like “artisanal,” and “maker” struggle to balance on the invisible line.

We believe that the separation is less cut-and-dry, and would assume that many of our vendors (especially the ones who hold fine arts degrees) would agree! We’ve seen some pretty big ideas and genuine emotion expressed by our “craft fair” vendors, using advanced skills and techniques…and we’ve seen some art work utilizing masterful techniques and expert skills with the artist’s medium.  Regardless of how you categorize a piece of work, we believe that things of beauty should be accessible to all in whatever forms they enjoy them, and that “fine art” and well-made “functional” or “decorative” handcrafted goods can co-exist peacefully.

That’s why the support of One Mile Gallery means so much to us: we really appreciate that a fine art gallery agrees with us that all types of creative endeavors—whether “fine art,” “craft,” or something in between—are valid and deserve an outlet, and that all creatives deserve an opportunity to share their work. And we’re SO glad that One Mile is there to provide this opportunity to so many amazing established and emerging fine artists, both local and worldwide.

One Mile Gallery is housed in one of the few remaining 18th century buildings in the historic Rondout district of Kingston, at 475 Abeel Street.  They’re open on Saturdays from noon until 5:00, as well as by appointment and for openings and special events. They showcase the works of painters, photographers, sculptors, mixed media artists and more, in regularly-changing exhibitions. We’re pretty psyched for “Greenhouse,” an exhibit that opens on October 17th and is on view until November 14th. This show features over 20 artists and all the work focuses on plant life. As the last of the leaves fall from the trees and winter sets in, a little plant life sounds like just the thing to remind us that spring will once again bloom. It’ll be the perfect way to spend a chilly Saturday!

One Mile also has an online shop (http://onemilegallery.com/shop), perfect for finding gifts for the fine art lover on your shopping list. Select from available work offered by past exhibiting artists, ranging from quirky illustrations to subversive paintings.

We want to thank One Mile Gallery for their support and for sharing our vision of a peaceable kingdom where “art” and “craft” comingle on hand-drawn blurred lines! Thank you for putting the “fine arty” in our party!