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Sponsor shout-out

Sponsor Shout-Out: Chronogram…More than just “some” joy!

Editor Brian Mahoney describes artist Giselle Potter’s illustration on the cover of this month’s Chronogram as “winsome,” going on to break down the etymology of the word (“Old English: wynsum, from wyn ‘joy’ + some”).  He explains that this more literal translation better suits the work than the modern definition of the word (“something lightweight, or lacking seriousness”). Funny how that interpretation so perfectly applies to Chronogram as well!

Arguably, Chronogram IS lightweight (it’s easy to carry!), and is in spots, lacking seriousness (or its just seriously funny)—however, it’s also anything but fluff and triviality…In fact, we find it the perfect mix of entertainment and insight. The website and printed magazine are both chock-full of great photos, and their articles on local businesses, people, places, events, issues, and general goings-on keep us informed and in-the-know. They’ve done numerous stories on local artists, craftspeople, and designers and the local makers’ movement and have been the voice of the Hudson Valley since before other places were talking about us!

Photo credit: Tom Smith. Photo source:

Photo credit: Tom Smith. Photo source:

Have you signed up for their 8-Day Week newsletter yet? Because you should: It’ll keep you in the loop about great events (like ours, and ones the Chronogram throws, like their super fun Block Party!). And be sure to check the website ( regularly for new content and calendar listings (and VERY accurate horoscopes). They also host a web show Hudson Valley Art Scene Web TV—check it out and meet some makers!

Still love the feel of a good old-fashioned magazine in your hands? We sure do! Pick up a copy of Chronogram at your favorite local establishment (or at Hullabaloo!). With covers featuring “winsome” art and gorgeous photos, you’ll have a hard time recycling them. But no need—they’re useful as directories, too, listing all the businesses you should know about.

We’ve got more than a little joy about the Chronogram’s continued support of Hullabaloo! Thanks, Chronogram, for being part of the party!


Don’t Read This When Hungry: Grounded at Hullabaloo!

If there’s one thing we know about hospitality, it’s that you can’t invite people to something and not have anything for them to eat. And no arty party would be complete without some incredible local food!

We know that shopping can make people hungry, so we’ve enlisted the help of Linda from Grounded (downtown at 83 Broadway) to offer breakfast, lunch, and on-the-spot snack options during the event!


On both Saturday and Sunday, Grounded will be on-hand with coffee, pastries, and a scrumptious lunch menu. We love going to Grounded’s café in the Rondout district in Kingston for the almond croissants, breakfast specials (keep an eye out for the cinnamon roll French toast!), and Forty Weight coffee. At lunchtime, there are delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and hot entrees. You can even shop for specialty items like cheese, pate, and house-made frozen foods to keep on hand for easy dinners. Grounded also does catering for all sorts of events and makes wedding cakes: Check out the website for more information: . Every menu, whether in the café or at your own site, is fresh, and based around local, bio-dynamic, sustainable ingredients. We can’t wait to see the menu (and eat the food) that Linda creates for our hungry vendors and shoppers!

Also, our friends at Monkey Joe’s are going to be open on Sunday, special for Hullabaloo! Just a literal hop, skip, and jump directly across the street and you’ll be noshing on pastries and sipping the best coffee Kingston has to offer—freshly roasted in the store! Thanks, Monkey Joe’s for keeping us caffeinated!

Still got a craving? There are numerous casual eateries in the immediate area—get your pre- or post-Hullabaloo hot dog, sandwich, wings, or pizza fix right on Broadway! Heading out for a nice dinner after a hard day of shopping?  Kingston is chock full of great restaurants—just ask for a recommendation at the Welcome Table!

Hungry yet? Leave room in your budgets and your bellies for breakfast, lunch, and maybe even an early dinner at Hullabaloo! Like good hostesses, we won’t let anyone go home hungry!