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DJ Mr. Chips: Adding Funk to the Festivities at Hullabaloo 2015!

It wouldn’t be a party without music and though Danielle is known for her super-fresh playlists, she’ll be busy running the show during Hullabaloo!

With that in mind from the start, we went to our favorite professional: He’s lauded around town as the guy who does the classic hip-hop dance parties at The Anchor and other local watering holes, but you might also know him as Hullabaloo’s official DJ—Andrew Nelson, aka DJ Mr. Chips. We’re pleased to announce that he’ll be back at it, spinning at Hullabaloo as he has since the beginning!

DJ Mr. Chips not only has a talent for creating some pretty sick mash-ups (someone on social media once reminisced about his at-Hullabaloo mash-up of Led Zeppelin with the theme from Star Wars), he’s also got impeccable taste in old school hip-hop, funk, soul, indie rock, and holiday tunes you’re NOT sick of hearing…all of which will come together to form the perfect shopping soundtrack!

But perhaps you haven’t noticed this under-appreciated talent (case in point): He’s also got a knack for keeping the music at juuuussstttt the right level (as in, you’ll want to bust a move, but you’ll be able to talk to the artist about the one-of-a-kind gift you’re buying). What a guy!

We know you’re as psyched about DJ Mr. Chips’ return as we are, so start working on your (family-friendly) requests now…we know Danielle will be!