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Sponsor shout-out

Sponsor Shout-Out: Thanks to Antilogy Design & Screenprinting for Making the Hullabaloo Goodie Bags Possible!

“Antilogy” is defined as “a contradiction in terms or ideas”—but there is nothing contradictory about Jim Moore, or his business Antilogy Design & Screenprinting. In fact, Jim and his staff seem quite agreeable and super chill…our experience with him, and those his clients describe in a cool “About Us” video you can find on, suggests that his ideas and philosophy are right in line with ours!

Jim, who grew up in the woods of Vermont where there were no skateboard shops or t-shirts with skater-brand logos, started printing with pizza box-stencils and spray paint. As a teenager, he moved to New Paltz, walked into a screenprinting shop, and asked if he could intern. After college, he briefly moved to California and worked there printing skateboards. But he didn’t like California, preferred the Hudson Valley (don’t we all!), and returned to work in a “biker dude’s” shop in Kingston. Jim was bringing in customers of his own and soon realized he could build a business of his own too.

Okay, there is one contradiction about Jim—he’s a perfectionist and a self-described control freak, yet he realized that he needed to bring some help into his growing business. He now has a handful of employees, but he wants to keep things small so that he still has a hand in every order. Jim appreciates small businesses and handmade things, and enjoys talking to the people who make them, and he wants to keep offering that personal touch to his own customers.

And that approach to customer service (in addition to his rad designs and impressive quality of work) has landed him some pretty awesome accounts and many incredibly loyal customers. Jim says that “At least once a week there’s a company that I’m really psyched that I get to print their shirts and I would totally buy their shirts if I wasn’t printing them.” The owner of Rock and Snow in New Paltz says of working with Antilogy “I thought they were genuinely hip. You can’t fake hipness and hip is what we aspire to and feel like we’re a part of, so it was a natural fit.” He goes on to praise the shop’s service and reliability: “That quality of work and that quality of relationship deserves that quality of respect.”

An appreciation of handmade things and talking to the people who make them?  Genuine hipness? Quality work and quality relationships? No contradictions there—that sounded like a natural fit with Hullabaloo too! When we approached Jim about printing our Hullabaloo tote bags this year, he quickly and easily agreed and he’s been super chill and easy to work with. We have complete confidence that the bags Danielle is designing will come out perfectly thanks to Antilogy’s printing skills. You should check them out when you need some t-shirts!

Now about those tote bags…we’re going to be giving away awesome reusable Hullabaloo “goodie bags”—filled with gifts, info, and special offers from our sponsors and vendors—to the first 50 shoppers (one per family, please) to come through our doors each day of the event. It’s our way of saying “Thanks for helping us get off to a great start!” Watch our social media pages for more info in the coming weeks.

Antilogy's new Kingston based studio. Photo credit: BSP Kingston

Antilogy's new Kingston based studio. Photo credit: BSP Kingston

We want to thank Jim and the guys at Antilogy Design & Screenprinting for making the Hullabaloo goodie bags possible, and for supporting our event! We love connecting with other young, creative business people in the Hudson Valley and we hope you’ll connect with them too!