Vendor Feature: Twisted Thread and Hook, Owlkill Studio, Hanky Blanky, and Field Apothecary & Herb Farm

Which one of these is not like the other? They’re all talented makers with work and products we know will sell like hotcakes at Hullabaloo…They’re all from NYS…They all carefully source their materials (or ingredients) and make their respective products with careful attention to detail and a lot of love. But only one is a Hullabaloo newbie, participating for the first time this year…Do you know which one? (No reading the blubs below until you make a guess!) 


Twisted Thread and Hook, Poughkeepsie, NY

Magda and her gorgeous rope home décor items are joining us again this year and we’re so psyched about it! Using natural cotton, jute, and hemp rope, Magda makes rugs, mats, tiebacks, knobs, coasters, and baskets using her own designs and careful attention to detail. Magda’s unique craft is rooted in her love of crocheting and her childhood memories of the lakes in Poland. Her work is nautical in a sophisticated way (think chic beach house, not tacky crab shack) and fit in well with any décor—we love them in bedrooms, hallways and entries, kids rooms, or anywhere you want a stylish, cozy floor covering, and her bathmats are a beautiful alternative to those run-of-the-mill options from the big-box home stores. The rope she uses is soft on floors and feet (delightful foot massages are an added bonus) and the finished pieces wash exceptionally well, too! Need something a little smaller? Her rope coasters, curtain ties, and drawer pulls are stocking-size, with all the fine craftsmanship of the rugs! 


Owlkill Studio, Cambridge, NY

Adelia’s business takes its name from the Owlkill River, which runs through her parents’ property in upstate NY.  Aiming for sustainability, Adelia primarily uses dead stock vintage, salvaged, and discarded materials to produce her unique jewelry and accessories. Along with 14k gold-filled chain, she uses common materials in new ways for visual interest and textural effects. And while her pieces are minimalistic, she seems to find just the right composition to set off each one-of-a-kind element—balancing mismatched but complimentary vintage beads in an asymmetrical arrangement, for example—to make simple, dainty necklaces that make big statements.  In addition to jewelry, she offers keychains, coasters, and other accessories made from carefully sourced scrap leather. This is Owlkill’s first Hullabaloo and we’re so excited to have her join us! Her jewelry is perfect for anyone who likes modern design with touches of vintage flair and her leather goods make great stocking stuffers or affordable “little something” gifts.  Stop at her table and check them out!


Hanky Blanky, New York, NY

Rosi’s handcrafted clothes, rompers, onsies, and accessories (like blankets, bibs, and dolls) will make that already-adorable kid on your gift list even cuter—like Christmas-card-cute. Each piece is truly unique because they are made from vintage fabrics, upcycled sweaters, and antique hankies that Rosi has collected over 20 years. Her pieces have been called “memory clothing” and we think that description is perfect—each era in the life of the fabrics adds character as it is passed down in an heirloom piece. From dapper onsies with vests and bow ties for your little man, to cozy argyle cashmere buntings, togirly onsies with vintage handkerchief skirting, to sweet denim hoodies (the newest addition to “Rosi’s Cosys”), Hanky Blanky has the perfect outfit for your favorite little fashionista. It’s Rosi’s second Hullabaloo, and we’re so glad to have her back! Say hello and pick up something truly special for the little ones in your life!


Field Apothecary & Herb Farm, Germantown, NY

Dana and Michael believe that good food and drink are the best medicine and that using herbs in your daily practice can contribute to greater health and well-being.  They aim to help others transform their medicine cabinets the way they are cleaning out their food pantries and replacing the junk with more natural options. To do so, they educate the community with classes and workshops, and offer a comprehensive line of natural remedy products, made with organic herbs grown on their own farm in Germantown, NY. They grow, harvest, and process their ingredients by hand to create tinctures, extracts, bitters, tonics, syrups, oils, salves, salts, teas, soda kits, and more.  Field Apothecary also offers an herbal CSA, consisting of a seasonal shipment with natural solutions for everything that may ail you at that time of year (the autumn box, for example, includes natural cough syrup, chest rub, calming bath salts, and more, including a couple of culinary goodies too!) It’s Field Apothecary’s third Hullabaloo, so show them some love and support a business whose products are local from start to finish—give the gift of wellness this holiday season!

Sponsor shout-out

Sponsor Shout-Out: The Mighty Mite (“That Friend” That You Need!)

Holly J Coley has always been “that friend”—you know, the one who knows all the good vegan restaurants and recommended that natural face scrub you now can’t live without? What!?!? You don’t have one of those friends? Well, let us introduce you to The Mighty Mite!

Like so many of us, Holly J (who lived most of her life in the Hudson Valley, now living and working in Beacon)  was briefly convinced she’d have to work in the city to do anything creative. But again, like so many of us, she wasn’t keen on giving up the pleasures of Hudson Valley living, and knew she could create something meaningful here.   

Knowing that this area needed a place for health-conscious people to find all the places and products she’d been telling her friends about, and aware that many people want to be healthier but don’t know how to find the resources here at home, she drew on her experience as a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach and a writer for a variety of publications (including SHAPE, New York House, and currently, Organic Hudson Valley Magazine). Soon she was ready to introduce that meaningful project to the world... The Mighty Mite, the Hudson Valley’s premier wellness hub, officially launched earlier this year! Check it out at!  

The Mighty Mite showcases wellness-based businesses and spotlights local people, places, and products that serve as healthy inspirations. The site’s content covers the valley, plus select parts of NYC, NJ, and CT, appealing to our commuter population and introducing us to hidden treasures both here and nearby.

We love the way The Mighty Mite is organized: “Fuel” (favorite posts: the benefits of local honey, a recipe for a healthy alternative to soda, and “a day in the kitchen of” posts), “Move” (adventure at a local preserve, reviews of the latest workout fad, and features on local fitness studios), “Polish” (the beauty “column,” where you’ll meet great locally-produced natural brands and learn why Vitamin D is so important) and “Wellness” (wisdom about everything from naps to food documentaries). An “event” section and “directory” round out the content…and to make a great thing even better, The Mighty Mite will soon add a shopping feature!  

But Holly J’s mission is bigger than just a blog—she ultimately wants to create the kind of business that people want to work for, and provide opportunities for local creatives to share their work, both as contributors to the site, and as featured people, businesses, or products. Eventually, she plans to add editorial staff, partner with other companies, and, of course, have an online retail feature.  If you’re interested in advertising, being added to the directory, sharing your story, or submitting, email Holly J at

We were thrilled when Holly J contacted us about sponsoring Hullabaloo because she’d discovered so many great people and products at last year’s event!  And we love that we have so many amazing vendors to introduce her to this year! We’re so grateful to have support from The Mighty Mite (and someone to recommend a great gluten-free bakery!)! Thanks, Holly J!