Vendor Feature: SO Handmade, Grok Enterprises, Kitta, and The Shayski Shop

You can cross a few more hard-to-buy for people off your shopping list! Messy kids (and the parentswho clean up after them)? Gotcha. Vegans with a sweet tooth? Covered. Cat lovers, old and young? Yessiree. Your quirky, quick-witted friend? Check. Meet four more Hullabaloo vendors who can help you out! 


SO Handmade, Woodstock, NY

Sarah uses her experience as a textile designer and sewing enthusiast to design and make stylish and practical products for homes and families. Designed, sewn, embellished, and screen-printed by Sarah herself, her designs are whimsical and stylish, and her products are SO innovative!  Her playmat? Genius! It’s got a hole in the center so all you have to do to clean up is gather the corners and hold it over the Lego container. Need to bring six Matchbox cars wherever you go for instant entertainment? Sarah’s got a rolling pouch with room for six cars and a racetrack on the back! She’s also got handmade fabric books, crayon rolls, beautiful tree skirts, and whimsical fabric ornaments too! With great gifts for so many people (of so many ages), we’re sure Sarah’s first Hullabaloo will be a successful one!


Grok Enterprises, New Paltz, NY

“Grok” is a transitive verb meaning “to understand profoundly and intuitively” that was originally used in the novel “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It’s an appropriate name for Peter and Heidi’s business—because they so completely understand the need for nutritious snacks that taste good. Knowing that celery sticks and carrots just don’t satisfy a sweet tooth, but that the sugary snacks we’re all too quick to grab aren’t doing us any nutritional favors, they created their low-calorie, no-sugar added, energy-boosting snacks from raw natural fruits and nuts, and other yummy superfood ingredients (like natural cacao). The result? Six flavors (Jalapeno Surprise, Chocwork Orange, Nutty Expressor, Bare Fruit, The Tropix, and Verry Bery) that taste a whole lot naughtier than they are!  Grok Bites are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free too!  Hooked on Grok Bites and afraid you’ll run out? Order a Grok dozen or a Month of Grok Bites (one for each day!); they even offer 3-, 6- month subscriptions—an absolutely perfect gift for vegan, GF or health-conscious friends! This is Peter and Heidi’s first Hullabaloo, so stop by their table and welcome them! 


Kitta, Kingston, NY

Elizabeth’s super cute plush cats are the perfect “little somethings” for all the kids on your holiday gift list. Affordable AND adorable, they’re irresistible to kids and adults alike—need a gift for the “crazy cat lady” at the office? A Secret Santa gift for the kids’ class party? Done and done! There are so many sizes, patterns, and colors (both realistic and fantasy-cat markings—like clouds and camouflage) and you can even buy a kit and stuff your own!  Buy a whole family of Kittas and display them on your mantle during the holidays…or let the kids pick out one for their good behavior while you shop. Kittas are friendly, versatile critters that feel at home just about anywhere…Elizabeth is from right here in Kingston, but this is her first Hullabaloo so be sure to meet her and her “kittas”!


The Shayski Shop, Kingston, NY

By day, Shay is an animator and designer at the American Museum of Natural History. But in his free time, he designs fresh, funny graphics that he prints on super soft t-shirts. His designs are inspired by retro- and pop-culture, cool stuff, geeky things, favorite foods, and portmanteaus (combining two things—like, imagine Chewbacca and Fozzy Bear had a baby, and it’s Shayski’s Chewockawocka character).  Some of his shirts are part inside-joke (like the Murphy Mets mustache shirt only baseball fans will appreciate), part jabs at pop and mainstream culture (his “Kanye East” is incredibly modest), while there are others with wider appeal (what kind of person can’t appreciate a “hell yes” ice cream shirt?!?! Who wouldn’t laugh at the site of an “underwearwolf” in polka dotted panties?!?!) With both men’s and women’s sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for someone with a quirky sense of humor or just an enthusiasm for ice cream. This is Shay’s first Hullabaloo, so please join us in welcoming him! 

Sponsor shout-out

Sponsor Shout-Out: The Mighty Mite (“That Friend” That You Need!)

Holly J Coley has always been “that friend”—you know, the one who knows all the good vegan restaurants and recommended that natural face scrub you now can’t live without? What!?!? You don’t have one of those friends? Well, let us introduce you to The Mighty Mite!

Like so many of us, Holly J (who lived most of her life in the Hudson Valley, now living and working in Beacon)  was briefly convinced she’d have to work in the city to do anything creative. But again, like so many of us, she wasn’t keen on giving up the pleasures of Hudson Valley living, and knew she could create something meaningful here.   

Knowing that this area needed a place for health-conscious people to find all the places and products she’d been telling her friends about, and aware that many people want to be healthier but don’t know how to find the resources here at home, she drew on her experience as a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach and a writer for a variety of publications (including SHAPE, New York House, and currently, Organic Hudson Valley Magazine). Soon she was ready to introduce that meaningful project to the world... The Mighty Mite, the Hudson Valley’s premier wellness hub, officially launched earlier this year! Check it out at!  

The Mighty Mite showcases wellness-based businesses and spotlights local people, places, and products that serve as healthy inspirations. The site’s content covers the valley, plus select parts of NYC, NJ, and CT, appealing to our commuter population and introducing us to hidden treasures both here and nearby.

We love the way The Mighty Mite is organized: “Fuel” (favorite posts: the benefits of local honey, a recipe for a healthy alternative to soda, and “a day in the kitchen of” posts), “Move” (adventure at a local preserve, reviews of the latest workout fad, and features on local fitness studios), “Polish” (the beauty “column,” where you’ll meet great locally-produced natural brands and learn why Vitamin D is so important) and “Wellness” (wisdom about everything from naps to food documentaries). An “event” section and “directory” round out the content…and to make a great thing even better, The Mighty Mite will soon add a shopping feature!  

But Holly J’s mission is bigger than just a blog—she ultimately wants to create the kind of business that people want to work for, and provide opportunities for local creatives to share their work, both as contributors to the site, and as featured people, businesses, or products. Eventually, she plans to add editorial staff, partner with other companies, and, of course, have an online retail feature.  If you’re interested in advertising, being added to the directory, sharing your story, or submitting, email Holly J at

We were thrilled when Holly J contacted us about sponsoring Hullabaloo because she’d discovered so many great people and products at last year’s event!  And we love that we have so many amazing vendors to introduce her to this year! We’re so grateful to have support from The Mighty Mite (and someone to recommend a great gluten-free bakery!)! Thanks, Holly J!