Vendor Feature: Liz Clark Jewelry, Virginia Piazza Pottery, The Hudson Standard, and Matt Pleva

This bunch of fantastic Hullabaloo vendors includes the award-winner for the furthest drive to Hullabaloo (if there was such an award), a third year Hullabaloo veteran, a Hullabaloo newbie, and a hometown favorite!  They should all be able to help you knock a few more gifts off your holiday list, so learn a little more about them and click on their links to start getting some ideas!

Liz Clark Jewelry, Providence, RI

In her metal studio in Providence, RI, Liz uses floral and geometric elements with simple lines and silhouettes to create a subtle-but-striking collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, and brooches. Her work has a sculptural feel, yet her pieces are delicate, unobtrusive, and comfortable to wear. The organic elements of her work lend a classic feel and timeless elegance to balance the modern edge of the shapes and materials used in her unique jewelry.  Whether you’re looking want an un-fussy brooch for a classy lady on your list, a unique statement necklace for New Year’s, or a gorgeous pair of studs for a trendy teen, Liz has the perfect piece! It’s her first Hullabaloo and she’s making a long drive to join us, so give her a warm welcome! 


Virginia Piazza Pottery, Beacon, NY

As soon as Virginia started working with clay, she knew it was her medium! After experimenting with different firing techniques and types of pieces, Virginia now focuses on functional ware, mostly with porcelain in a limited glaze palette; lately, though, she’s been incorporating some neat embellishments. Her work is clean, simple, and charmingly understated, with a muted color palette and comforting, functional shapes. Her mission is to make work that speaks to the user and finds a special place in their everyday life. Virginia’s work somehow feels both familiar and completely fresh, bringing to mind breakfasts on summer porches and cool nights spent in warm places!  Her bowls, mugs, vases, pots, sugar bowls, nesting bowls, berry bowls, and serving dishes make great gifts for so many occasions. Virginia has been with us from the beginning, so please join us in welcoming her back to Hullabaloo!


The Hudson Standard, Hudson, NY

Using traditional processes that date back to colonial times, The Hudson Standard hand-crafts cocktail bitters and shrubs (deliciously tart syrups made of fruit, spices, vinegar, and sweetener) that are creating delicious cocktails, sodas, foods, and sauces in top-notch regional restaurants and in homes nationwide. Their products highlight the flavors of the Hudson Valley (think Apple Coriander Maple Shrub and Spruce Shooter Bitters, for starters) and work with NYS farms to source the best ingredients. Doesn’t a nice fall cocktail (like the Pear Honey Ginger Shrub with rum, gin, or bourbon!) with Thanksgiving dinner sound like a good idea? Stop by The Hudson Standard’s table at their first Hullabaloo and pick up some of their products for the home bartender or chef on your list...and some for yourself!


Matt Pleva, Kingston, NY

If Matt Pleva’s intricate work looks familiar, it’s because he was one of the muralists whose work was part of the O+ Festival last year!  On a smaller scale (pretty small, actually) he creates these incredible dioramas, illustrations, and miniature pen and ink drawings, and turns them into wearable art (buttons, earrings, pendants) and display pieces. He takes his inspiration from his vast range of interests including history and pop culture—so you’ll find tiny scenes from Dr. Who, Monty Python, Office Space, Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz and more, as well as historical “reenactments” in pen and ink! He also offers a large selection of prints, cards, and postcards.  Have a favorite movie moment you’d like him to recreate in paper? He does commissions! Stop by Matt’s table at his first Hullabaloo and check out his work—he’s got a piece for every type of enthusiast—and if you don’t see your favorite, he can probably make it for you!

Sponsor shout-out

Sponsor Shout-Out: Kingston Land Trust—One of Kingston’s Many Assets

How lucky are we? We live in an area rich in history, culture, beautiful vistas, and natural resources…And we have great organizations like Kingston Land Trust who are committed to preserving them!

Kingston Land Trust is a non-profit organization that works for the protection and preservation of open spaces, historic sites, wetlands, scenic areas, and forests in Kingston and the surrounding areas.  And the Trust does much more than acquire and manage properties for conservation—they also develop educational and outreach programs and organize events to bolster appreciation for our area’s assets and increase interest in conservation. Finally, they help form and support community groups that preserve parkland, plant gardens, preserve cultural history, and promote recycling, as well as develop and implement other projects in line with their mission.

One of their major projects is the Kingston Greenline, a vision for a network of non-motorized urban trails, bikeways, water-trails, and walkable sidewalks that promotes “a healthy, fun, and sustainable way to connect with the City’s rich cultural, historical, commercial, and recreational resources.” Many segments are complete and many more are in the works—perhaps you can even take one to Hullabaloo, and we encourage you to check www.kingstonlandtrust.org to plan your route! The Greenline serves as a hub for the growing system of rail trails in the Hudson Valley and Catskills.


You may have heard about the Trust’s Sunday Hikes, which take place on the third Sunday of May through October, converging at Kingston Wine Co. (another Hullabaloo sponsor!).  Join them!

Not one for walking? There are lots of ways that you can get involved and show your support for all different types of programs and projects—check the website or like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KingstonLandTrust?fref=ts to learn about more upcoming events, meetings, and initiatives, and consider making a donation.

We just love being part of a community that values these things as much as we do, and we’re grateful for all the work that Kingston Land Trust does to conserve and preserve all our natural and cultural assets. We’re thankful for their support and glad to help the Trust spread the word about their efforts. Thanks, Kingston Land Trust!